Digby & Iona

With his jewelry line, Digby & Iona, Aaron Ruff tips his hat to swashbuckling times of yore. The intricate details and engravings of his spring collection make it a throwback to another time and place.
Samples from it are scattered about Ruff's workshop: brass compasses, miniature spyglasses and gamblers' lockbox keys. He also has a collection of antique brooches and tassels from the American Civil War and British Victorian Royal Navy.
Ruff states, "I'm pretty infatuated with that time period, like right on the cusp of the Industrial Revolution-when the last bits of the world were being explored and there was still a little bit of mystery out there."

And I very much appreciate his sentiment of, "There was a beauty in craftsmanship before we had all of this technology. People spent so much more time making things."

Check out his full collection at digbyandiona.com

All images from digby & iona.


Black Angels

This post combines two of my favorite things: photography and jewelry. Dutch artist Rinze Van Brug uses stark contrast and the human body to showcase the Houman jewelry seen in these ads. The clever juxtaposition of the trees with the painted figures creates a dark and ethreal impact.

 See more of Van Brug's work at the Dutch House of Photography.

Images by Dutch House of Photography


Design by Pidgeon

This Australian design firm totally blew my mind just now! Every sector of their work - from identity to type design to packaging - is simply breathtaking! Their work is innovative and clever, yet uber simple, super clean and totally relevant. 

I aspire to have work that looks like this some day! 

Check them out at pidgeon.com.au

Images from Pidgeon

Steve Goodin

Digital artist Steve Goodin blurs the line between artist and designer. His poster designs offer an overwhelming mix of dimensional typography and organic patterns. 

The amount of detail is amazing! 

Check out more of his work at Creative Tempest

Images from Creative Tempest


Old Soul Jewelry

Head on over to OldSoul-Jewelry.com to check out my new collection of raw gemstone and ethnic silver jewelry. It's bold, chunky stuff with a multi-cultural flair that goes with almost any style. Wear it with a T-shirt and jeans for funky/casual. A cocktail dress for hittin' the town or a button up shirt and pants for the office.  

Madeline Weinrib Atelier Pillows

The fabric for these crisply graphic cushions is woven of pesticide-free cotton and linen and block-printed. Check out the full collection of home accessories, textiles and furniture at madelineweinrib.com.

Images from Madeline Weinrib


Thom Filicia

Thom Filicia, whose one-of-a-kind makeover genius gained national attention through his starring roles on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Dress My Nest, offers the ultimate handbook for creating gorgeous interiors that showcase your unique personal style. These images all come from his great new book Thom Filicia Style: Inspired Ideas for Creating Rooms You'll Love. This guide is filled with everything you need to create the perfect interior. Thom Filicia Style is like having the designer himself on hand to take care of all the details. 

Images from Thom Filicia Inc.

Guess Who?

Left: Grey Daisy    Right: Lily White     Below: Greta (two panels)

When I get old
Harlequin Jack and the absinthe bunny

You'll never guess the artist behind these watercolor painting....it's none other than Marilyn Manson. We all love to hate him, but you can't deny that the guy can paint an interesting picture! 

Manson started painting in 1997 and has since sold over 30 of his works of art in various art galleries throughout California. His inspirations include Egon Schiele, Gottfried Helnwein, Luis Bunuel, Dali, Jodorowsky, Bosch, Warhol, Mark Ryden and Fellini.

Check out more of his morose artistic offerings here.

Images from marilynmanson.com


Treehouse 28

Wrap Top
Band Top

I am totally lusting after these two tops by this California artist. 
She's funky and frayed yet simple and livable.
Check out her full collection on ETSY here.

Images from Treehouse28

Ali Harper

The Take Away
She Picked a Peck
Ball Jars
She Met Us at the Station

I recently discovered the photography of this Atlanta based graphic designer on ETSY. Her work has that comfy, familiar feel to it and a slight roughness that I love. 

Check out the rest of her beautiful photography here.

Images from Ali Harper

Turquoise Tease

This is a necklace from my new Old Soul jewelry collection. It is my absolute favorite accessory! It goes with literally everything! You can wear it with a suit, a cocktail dress or a simple t-shirt and jeans! Check out the rest of my jewelry here at OldSoul-Jewelry.com


Fashion Trend or Political Statement?

Add ImageA few years ago, a friend of mine traveled to Kuwait to visit the place where he grew up. When he returned, he brought back this Keffiyeh scarf for me. Its comfortable, chic and can be worn a million different ways. It seemed like a simple style choice - until last week when I was in the checkout line at Walmart. A Syrian woman saw it and asked if I was Arab. I politely said no. She asked where I got the scarf. "A friend," I replied. Then she tells me that "people may think you're a bad lady for wearing this." 

I was floored. Apparently, I'm not the only one. 

Not long ago, the generally non-controversial Rachael Ray appeared in a Dunkin' Donuts commercial sporting a scarf resembling a traditional Arabic keffiyeh, similar to Yasser Arafat's trademark accessory of choice. The resulting backlash forced the company to yank the ad. 

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Scarves resembling the keffiyeh have popped up on high fashion runways and further popularized by Urban Outfitters, who offered a selection of different colors and labeled them "anti-war scarves." The store was forced to pull the scarves from their winter collection and issue a statement of apology. So what are the rules of fashion vs. politics? Are people just too sensitive or should Americans not wear these symbols of Palestinian liberation? 

Alberto Seveso

A me mi piace la gnocca!
The Three Graces

Kelly Slater

Italian Artist and illustrator Alberto Seveso redefines the term "body of art." He combines photography and digital artwork to create beautifully complex tattoo like images on the human body. So sexy. So original. So weird. I can't look away.

Check out his other wickedly strange but cool artwork here.

Images from burdu976.com